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IASJ: International Association of Schools of Jazz

Top level schools of jazz from all over the world are working together in the IASJ. The IASJ Jazz Meeting, held every year in a different part of the world, is a live-changing experience for all participants. After-study-before-fame bands are formed by students, international operating combos are formed by teachers, intensive collaborated are forged by directors of jazz studies. The IASJ changes the course of jazz music, jazz education and jazz research.


Who participates?

Over 80 top level jazz students, teachers and heads of jazz departments of the best jazz schools from all over the world were participating.


What happens?

Daily performances, workshops, jam sessions, masterclasses, lectures, networking. Professional recordings of student concerts.


What will it bring?

Live-changing experiences for students, new international contacts for teachers, latest insights in jazz, jazz education and jazz research

Keller Coker

Dean of the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

Keller Coker 900

For the second time in the 30 year history of the IASJ, the New School is hosting the IASJ Jazz Meeting. From Monday 6 to Saturday 11 July 2020 over eighty students, teachers and directors from top level schools form all over the world, will perform in jam sessions and concerts, teach, give lectures and workshops, exchange ideas and reinforce networks. Jazz music, jazz education and jazz research makes a major step forwards during the 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York.

  • jam session for all participants in famous spots in New York
  • a concert in which teachers from all over the world present themselves
  • two concerts in which student combos formed during the week present their own music
  • ongoing dialogues on the state of jazz education and jazz research
  • hands on lectures/interactive presentations for all participants
  • networking, establishing international jazz groups that perform world-wide

In 2020 the IASJ, the International Association of Schools of Jazz, celebrates its 30th year of existence. Founded in 1989 by David Liebman, having its first IASJ Jazz Meeting in 1990 in The Hague, The Netherlands hosted by Wouter Turkenburg at the Royal Conservatory, the IASJ has grown into a world-wide organization.

1994 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Group Photo

Host School Coordinator Martin Mueller is surrounded by most all of the participants of the 1994 IASJ Jazz Meeting in New York. Concerts were in Bryant Park as part of the JVC Festival, in the UN Headquarters Building, in Visiones and other jazz clubs in town.

New School Venues


12th Street Auditorium

12th Street Auditorium

The Glass Box

The Glass Box

Performings Space

Performings Space


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