how to pay participants fee

    • How much? The 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting Participant Fee is $100 per participant.
    • When to pay? At the registration, cash, the first day of the 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting
    • Will I get a receipt? Yes, you will receive one receipt per participant stating what you paid and form whom you paid
    • Can I transfer the money? No, You cannot transfer, wire the money, pay with you bank pass, pay with your credit card nor pay by cheque. Only cash payment is possible.
    • What will I get for the money? Access to all activities during the IASJ Jazz Meeting, contact information of all participant, a copy of the recording of the final concerts, a copy of the group picture, a t-shirt, a program booklet, a fare-well buffet, after meeting info and access to pictures and recordings, a slice of the IASJ @ 30 cake, and much, much more.


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